Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a quality awnings?

Aluminum awning should be built with quality materials. Insure that the coloured panels are made with at least 0.025” thick aluminum metal and has been manufactured with a 4 step painting process, “cleaning, pre-treating, a coat of primer and a final coat of baked on high performance coloured topcoat. Insure that the structural components of the awning are made with at least 0.040” thick runners and when necessary, proper I-beams are added for larger awnings and snow load conditions.  Insure that all the assembly screws are stainless steel as they will not rust and discolor your awning.

How long will the awnings last?

Aluminum Awnings will virtually last a life time. The colours will begin to weather after 10 years but structurally they should last 30 or more years.  Canvas retractable awning will last approximately 10 years depending on the conditions and the care of the home owners.

What about snow and extreme weather conditions?

Aluminum Awnings have been designed and installed to take typical Canadian weather conditions. In our design the snow loads of the particular area have been considered during the manufacture of our product.  Canvas retractable awnings should be retracted during the winter and will not tolerate any snow accumulation nor moderate to heavy winds conditions.

Is there any maintenance with the awning?

The life and appearance can be greatly enhanced with the proper care of any product, Awnings are no exception. Aluminum Awnings can washed down with soap and pressurized water to remove dust and dirt accumulation and any nesting type materials.  Canvas awnings can be washed with low pressurized water to remove built up dirt accumulations. Allow the awning to dry thoroughly before retracting.