Standard Guarantee 

This guarantee is valid for the original buyer only.  The guarantee of our products excludes damages caused by faulty installation by unqualified or unauthorized people, abusive or wrongful usage of the product, caused either by the contractor, the service company or the buyer. The guarantee also excludes damages caused by Mother Nature.


Vince Aluminum Awning Mfg. cannot be held responsible for resulting labour costs and/or damages to the buyers’ property when adverse issues and conditions have been discussed prior to the services provided for installation, repair or change.  This guarantee can not cover defects or damages caused to the product or the buyers’ property by the use of parts other than original Vince Aluminum Awning parts. 

Aluminum Awnings and Flat Roofs

Material and Manufacturing Defects                                         2 years

Retractable Awnings

Material and Manufacturing Defects                                         5 years


Material and Manufacturing Defects                                         20 years

Paint finish and plastic/metal parts                                           2 years

Installations                                                                             1 year