5 things I want in battlefield 2018 - battlefield 5 wishlist


What’s something new you guys want in the next Battlefield?
These are my thoughts


I agree on the lootbox thing if it’s comming too next Bf game. I want buy a single one!
But premium I think should still be in it. REASON: We get so much extra
content Dlc’s etc etc that costs a lot of man hours and money to make so
in my opinion the premium is worth the extra money we have to pay for it.


you make a very good point man :smiley:


Thank you very much brother :blush:


I would love to see a more fully fleshed our story line for SP. also, they have to do something about how The community is split was there is a premium release. For example when the first DLC comes out all the premium players leave the vanilla maps empty.