50 storeys of mayhem

so ive been playing BF4 for a while and the other day i got to thinking what i personally would like to see as a map in a Battlefield game, and i would have to say, for me the perfect map would be a 50 storey building, i think this would allow a much more tactical game to be played, so i downloaded unity and i will begin work on a demo of what i want to see, things such as working elevators, both freight and passenger, with the ability to cut the power to those elevators, the ability to abseil down the elevator shafts, entry into the elevator cars from the top (just like in a real elevator car) control over the sprinkler system, lights, doors and so on, i think if done right this could make for a very intense map, aqs someone pointed out it would probably invoke some judge dredd re-enactments, i would welcome any and all ideas for features to include with the end result being to present it to dice as a community map request.
i have never used Unity before, so it may take a little while to get to grips with it, but im not trying to create a fully working map, just a visualization, let me know what you think , could be fun.

So kinda like Seige of Shanghai, except the entire map IS the building? What would the jaw dropping 'leveolution" be? Cut elevator cables?

What you are talking about is actually a very good idea… I could see the map with 3-4 external vantage points for sniper scum that want to shoot INTO the building…

Excited to hear what you come up with in Unity


I too am anxious to see what you can come up with!

i hadnt thought of cutting the cables to the elevators, that will be definitely going in.

Have settled on a two building set up with connecting skywalks, my thinking is that if the flags are split between the two buildings and the only way to get from one building to the other is via the skywalks, then this should lead to some intense firefights, regarding the blowing the elevator cables, I think there should be a brake over ride, essentially two buttons that have to be pressed at the same time, this should force players to work together more.never

OMG - so I dont know much about Unity. How long before we see this thing in alpha, or some screenshots?

are there any images or videos of this map?

will be working on the very rough and very basic 3d model of the towers over the weekend so i’ll post some screen shots monday, they will just be the external view of the buildings and the surrounding geography, wont have textures or lighting at this point but it should give some idea of what im trying to achieve

I wanna see too!

starting work on the initial 3D model over the weekend, so monday i will post some screen shots, once its modeled in rhino, ill then export it into unity, tho ive never used unity before, ive looked at it and it doesnt seem overly complex for what i need it to do

Perfect! Gives me an excuse to use my favourite gif.


just a thought but it would be cool to see a ventilation system going into different parts of the building. and from the outside of the vents you could put gas and kill the enemies inside or forcing them to evacuate the room.

love that idea, obviously that would be something that the people who put the map in the game would handle, but yeah definitely an idea that will be presented to them, i guess the vent system could also be used to access other areas of the buildings as well

so i thought i would post these images, this is the basic, and i do mean basic, overall design, shapewise, of the buildings, obviously there is some work to do but for now this is it at its most basic level, youll notice the gap between the two buildings, this is where the entrance to an underground parking lot will be, one double entrance at each end , i think one main skywalk will be better, as this will force a more tactical attack/defend gameplay, as i said, there is a lot more work to be done, but the basis is now set

would there be vehicles on this map?

personally i wouldnt have vehicles, but the end map may well have, that would depend on if dice developed it, for what the map is, which is primarily an indoor map it would be difficult to get vehicles in it, altho things like eod’s and mavs would be useful, having said that, the underground car park may be something worth thinking about for vehicles, which could span the entire area of the two buildings on two or three levels, definitely something to think about.

Wasnt there something like that in the original Counter Strike, or am I dreaming this up?

Vehicles are a a staple of all Battlefield games. So, I could see them allowing “no vehicle mode”, however it would have to be on non official servers.

never having played CS i have no clue, thye only time ive seen CS being played was when i was in florida and that was back in 1995 i think, never saw anything like this, i think that most FPS’s tend to work on large areas, whereas this is a more confined space to play in, two maps that spring to mind on BF are locker and Metro, they both have that confined gameplay but what i want to achieve is to make the players work as a squad and more tactically, with locker there are too many routes that allow an every man for himself mentality to set in, metro is closer to where im going with this, specially with the two buildings on Alpha, i have been involved in some really good fire fights, i think if the map is designed with the right mentality then it CAN force players to work together, such as hving to have two team members to activate levolutions, but its early days yet, so we’ll see how this progresses.

isnt locker on official servers?, while i agree, vehicles definitely complete the game, it would be interesting to see how the map plays if the vehicle and infantry are two separate entities in the same game, the underground parking lot would span across the two buildings and be two or three levels down, this would allow enough of an area to have a vehicle battle going on while the infantry are fighting in the building,