569 Meter headshot snipe in Battlefield 1


Wow! I have no words for this. How the heck does someone shoot 569 meters and get a perfect headshot?

What is your longest headshot in Battlefield 1. Don’t say 17 miles without any proof.

Armoured Tank takes out Bomber

This is my longest Battlefield 1 headshot

But my Battlefield 4 longest is a bit better


The BF4 shot, what is the measurement there? Is that meters? If so, that’s over a damn kilometre for a headshot. Kudos to you!


I think it’s meters. I remember the shot, Operation Firestorm, from the hills at the side of our base spawn, looking into theirs. I did jump around for quite some time after.


I know what map well. Shots that long truly show the scope and scale of the Battlefield series. Not gonna see that in COD.

You have me beat by a LONG way.



Getting better


Tell me you have a capture of that shot?


I’ve got a short compilation video of a few nice long range efforts, including this and better, unfortunately I can’t upload it to the forum via PC and it doesn’t appear to accept my google drive link.


Can you create a .gif out of it and throw it up here showing the money shot? As an aside, do you record all your footage?


Here’s a One Drive link, hope it works



Added a link to the long range sniping clip via One Drive and seems to be working.
I record a lot of my footage, not all, but a fair chunk of it. You never know what’s going to happen.


Just watched it. Awesome shots, but the choice of music - questionable at best! LOL!


Nice one here, somes with a nice unlock also!


Any more long range sniper shots you want to share?


Haven’t captured anything recently but will be sure to post if/when I do.


Heck yeah - I havent seen anything better than what you have posted so far.


What site are you using for the stats? I would be intrested to see what mine all, brings back memories of those BF2 snipes on Wake Island hehe


There used to be a site called bf2stats that was pretty accurate. Not sure if it is still around


Search for Battlefield Companion or Battlelog if you have a PC or try the app store if you have a smartphone. That’s where all my stats come from. You may need to create an EA Origin account If you don’t already have one, it’s free and doesn’t take long.