Amazing New BFV Features


Here is a list of new Features and Mechanics

Co-Op Mode
War Stories
Highly Customizable Soldiers, Guns and Vehicles

Fortifications is a new system in BFV where everyone has a toolkit. With the toolkit you can reinforce buildings, create machinegun nests, sandbags, cannons, trenches, barbed wire, tank stoppers
Support class is the only class that can build Offensive Items such as Machinegun Nests and Cannons (he also build alot faster) you can even build ladders to get ontop of buildings.

Auto Regen is mostly disabled (you can only regen to a cerain amount)
You have limited Ammo and if you want to restock or heal you need to physically go to a Ammo or Health depot and do an animation
to heal or get ammo. (you can still get ammo bags or ammo crates from other players but it will also require an animation.
You can Loot Corpses to get a small amount of Ammo.

Redesigned so that you need to actually use your eyes and listen to find the enemy
instead of just shooting at a red spot mark that someone got by spamming the spot button.

Hud is very minimal

Ragdolls are now server sided so you can physically grab the leg of your Teammate and pull him behind cover to revive him (Which is also a full on Animation)
you can cancel the animation at any time incase you are under fire.
You can now revive your teammate no matter what Class you are (Medics have alot faster animation)
Since Ragdolls are Server Sided now it means that they will be in the same location for everyone and it will also interact with the environment

Recoil Patterns are now Realistic and predictable instead of random bullet spray
You can shoot while jumping or vaulting

Bullet Penetration!
You can now shoot through thin walls, wooden planks or metal sheets depending on the caliber of your gun
So lets say you have a MG42 and you see a Squad enter a building with thin walls… RIP enemy Squad

Movement System
You can dive in any direction and shoot while laying down and or crawling (Like in Rainbow Six Siege or Arma)
Crouch sprint to quickly change cover without getting your head blown off
Jump through windows and roll when you hit the ground to keep the momentum going

You can throw back grenades
Catch them mid air
Shoot them to make them explode
Because of the new Ammo system there will be ALOT less grenades (THANK GOD)

You can now tow vehicles, Supply Depots, Cannons, AA guns with cerain vehicles (like tanks)
This also means that combined with the Fortification System you can now create your own Frontline with your Squad and defend it against the Enemy.

if you fire a shell into a building and it explodes on the inside the walls and windows will now explode from the inside out
if it explodes on the outside the bulding will break inwards
if a tank drives through a bulding the walls will now bend and crack after whatever direction the tank is coming from to make it look alot more realistic

The good old Live Cam of your Squad is back and improved to show you what your Squad mates are doing before you spawn on them
if your Squad does really good you earn points which leads to special “Call Ins” The Squad Leader can use those points and call in a Rocket (as shown in the trailer)
Supply Drops with ammo or health, Smoke barrage, Heavy Weapons or Squad only Vehicles

Large Explosions will Knock You over if they dont kill you (also shown in the trailer)

Customization is now more in depth that any other Battlefield game, in fact its so advanced im not even going to try and explain it. All i will say is that this makes BF4 look short on customizables.


This smells so much like Fortnite to me. Hopefully it feels somewhat real.

I like the sound of this, adds a touch of realism. I mean standing in a corner, gives you a chance to catch your breath in a fight, it does NOT however bring you back to full health.

This I am split about, as in past Battlefield games, I used the spotting tool extensively . This will need to make me change the way I play the game.

Not sure what they mean by server sided animation? Either way - sounds kinda cool

Going to be interesting to see just what kinda materials can be penetrated by what kind of guns. Lots of early “learning” to be had.

This has the potential to be a serious game changer in Battlefield V. You can create a rolling fortress if you get in with a good squad on voice.


The Fortifications are actually a great idea and has nothing to do with Fortnite, its not like you can rebuild the entire building like magic or build stuff everywhere, there is only a certain area that you are allowed to place things (like flags and such) The reason behind the Rebuilding system is that in BF4 you can destroy Too much so there is literally nothing to hide behind and in BF1 you can destroy too little, therefore they made so that you can now destroy pretty much everything but at the same time be able to rebuild a little to get something to hide behind. its a Win-Win situation which also increases the lifetime of the multiplayer ALOT


Hrnmm - perhaps I am misunderstanding. I assumed you could build a “fortification” similar to how you do in Fornite. As in personal protection, but it sounds more along the lines of repairing a building, or bridge, like they actually did in the war.


Yes, you can repair pretty much any destroyable building, its not like you can run in the middle of the Battlefield and build a wall when somebody shoots at you


Aha! See - thats what I thought it meant when it was referring to fortifications.
Now I REALLY want to see some footage.


Same dude! Hopefully they make a juicy Gameplay Trailer sometime soon. i also forgot to mention that everything is Server Sided, which means that if anything is broken or there is a bug, we dont have to wait days or weeks for a patch. They can just instantly fix it without any patches.


So the whole architecture of the game has changed! That is excellent news.

I am over the constant 2GB patches before you can get on with playing the game