Any advice for a new gaming channel?


I’ve started my gaming channel currently at 885 subs. Do you guys have any Advice to keep my channel growing? Any game suggestions at all. Appreciate all feedback!
Let me know if want to know what my channel is if that helps at all


Tell us a bit about your channel? Does it have a niche? What was successful for you so far in growing to 885 subs?


885 is a decent number of subs. How old is your channel? What is the main focus?


i have less that 500 Subscribers after almost 3 years so you should probably not listen to me but… Play games that you enjoy playing, you could always edit a little extra to make the video even more enjoyable, and here is THE most important thing: You need to upload frequently but at the same time keep the quality high. That is the reason i haven’t gotten further yet. You should also do some “Guides”, or “how to do this or that” and “news” about games. those type of videos always get alot more views and is a very smart thing to do if you want to grow your channel quick. Overall just find your own style and stay passionate about what you do and never give up!


Agreed with everything you said. Also, when it stops being fun/enjoyable - stop doing it.


Keep videos shorter, anything past 3 mins looses people (I think) funny and Informational is always helpful as well. Like my favorites are Westie and FlakFire videos. I also lobed when Neebs gaming was doing Battlefield vids.


and STOP with the 30 second intros. Just get on with the content


To all new YouTubers, I say this. STAHP with the ten minute intros. Just get on with the content. I know you have a cool logo, but I only need to see it very briefly.