Anyone else who collects assignments, awards and dog tags?

Anyone else who collects assignments, awards and dog tags? I’ve finished all PS4 trophies, assignments, almost all weapon master dog tags and most of the medal & vehicle dog tags.

I’m still trying to reach full completion but that will be impossible to reach for the dog tags…

Nah - not my thing. If I come across them naturally, great but I dont go out of my way to get them. Like that Phantom Assignment program in BF4. People pumped thousands of hours into that. Kudos to them for doing so, but I just dont have the time.

I will be in Battlefield 1.

I’m trying to reach close to 100% completion, but I’ll probably never get there…

So close buy yet so far.

Deep shit.

LOL…a real philosopher…

Still need to unlock a few weapons in BF4… DAO-12 is one of the weapons, I said ‘fuck it’ at one stage, I can’t play shotguns

Nothing more satisfying than unloading a shotgun shell into someone and seeing them rage quit.

I once used exploding shotgun shells in pearl market, I cried myself to sleep that night

Haha! Thats a good map for the shottie. Lots of close quarter action…

It is never too late brother

BF4 will be always there, not going to even uninstall it, if I get bored with world war 1, I will jump back in BF4 and if I get bored with present time, there is always titanfall 2 :slight_smile:

Nothing more makes me happier than going up to some one and sending them a message saying yah tags are myn b1tch

I still play ps3

You gonna get titanfall 2? For me, the first one was so “meh” that I think I have played it for a grand total of one hour. And I get it for free as part of EA Access

Haha! And I bet that they love you for it

Lol, I wish I had the money to buy 2 copies of the game @Timelord_