Are tanks overpowered in BF1? In my opinion just a little bit. When playing as a tank you can go on insane killstreaks. Yesterday I got over 60000 points using only the tank, killing 40 people without dying. Auto-repair should be removed or usable a couple times. Only assaults can fight tanks, but maybe there aren’t plenty of them because people doesn’t find them interesting. Or it is just that at the moment people don’t know very well how to destroy them. What do you think? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.
Here are some tips:

-Know your surroundings. Where are enemies coming from, use the best position to defend/attack a flag, use cover…
-Use third person camera to increase your vision field, and first for aiming more accurately.
-Avoid areas where enemies have a lot of cover or where you can’t move properly.
-While reloading, repair your vehicle.
Here is the video where I get the amazing killstreak.

In my opinion they are way over powered. Cannot figure out a good strategy for taking them out.

Two guys in your squad using anti tank rifle and or mines will wreck any tank

Agreed, 2 anti tank rifles can also take it out from a distance, 5 anti tank grenades will destroy it and sometimes when you hit it at the right time when allies attacked it, a recon can destroy it using a K bullet

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

I don’t think tanks are OP

My thoughts to make it more difficult for tanks and the fact they can carry a whole squad would be if you could smoke or gas the tank.

What I mean is if you could get close to the tanks and then put the smoke or gas into the tank, this would force the squad to get out if gas or if smoke give your team the opportunity to assault the tank under cover.

What does everyone else think of this idea

I could not get my hands on the anti tank rifle in the beta.

Also the beta was a free for all, hard to get in a decent squad that would work, well, as a squad