Are we gonna see these jet suits in BF6?

Any thoughts? it fits the near future setting and we’ve seen similar stuff in Battlefront
Just hope it’s balanced and won’t be available to everyone

We can only hope man.

What I would wonder about those jet suits, is how you would shoot and fly. I guess they can borrow the flight mechanisms from the Battlefront series of games,
As if memory serves there was already flying and shooting in the game.

That would be the balancing issue I think like how you have to go prone to use LMGs in bfv. In this case once you equip this you won’t be able to engage in combat or something like that. Make it limited special ability to use for breaking enemy lines and fly past choke points then help the team spawning. Other balancing ideas would be make the traveling distance shorter (cool down mechanic) in exchange for shooting ability, make it go undetected in the radar, or have small rockets like the Mandalorian

Ohh, I like the idea of blowing past a choke point, and then get em from the rear.

I also like the Mandalorian idea. Also, I am wondering what the max height of these might be? Could it potentially fight a jet? Chopper?

They say it can go up 12000 feet yea that could be one way to fight choppers. I can see people doing lots of creative stuff with it

Well, if the rumours are true, there is a new crippling of 20,000 ft for jets and choppers in the next Battlefield game.

Actually, now that I think about it, can choppers even go that high in real life?