Are YOU an Early Enlister?


I am actually still on the fence. Here in Canadaland it is a $20 premium to get the early enlister version. Not sure if it is worth it…

What do you guys think?

The RRP for BF1 is around £55 and the EEDE is £69 so £14 was awesome over in Cupofteaworld.

Here’s the benefits so you can decide yourself:

[] Seven day early access to a free map drop
] Hellfighter Pack
[] Start playing three days before release
] Red Baron pack
[] Lawrence of Arabia pack
] 3 vehicle skins
[*] 5x battlepacks

I will more than likely end up getting it, as it is Battlefield after all. Also, gotta be on there day one.

You mean Day -3?

LOL! I see what you did there.

Early inlister here… :wink:

Will play the open beta first before making a decision on which edition to pre-order it, if the beta is terrible, guess I will wait until the actual game launches and wait for reviews

You can’t judge a game based on reviews, because alot of games I turned out to love were hated by critics.

Simple. If the beta is terrible, I wont be buying the game at all! Needs to feel like Battlefield.

Yeah - all reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt.

From hardcore Battlefield gamers, I’ve heard it has the Battlefield feel.

Then there shouldnt be an issue for EA to get me to part with my money!

It definitely does, especially to the old school battlefielders.

But if you’re used to BF4 and BF3, you might be a little disappointed, it’s definitely different. But if you ask me it has everything what makes Battlefield Battlefield.

Count me interested!

I will be buying the standard edition and I will be playing the heck out of bf1 on the 21st. im not really into preorders, skins or extra battlepacks so im good :]

That ia kinda where I am at. It is a FPS, so why would I buy skins that only OTHErs can see…

What @Timelord_ said, if the beta is bad, they won’t see me pre-ordering, I will basically watch some big YouTube channels to hear what they say about the game if the beta was bad, guys like Jackfrags, Levelcap and Matimio because they usually don’t bash the game for being bad, they point out the problems and how it can be fixed, not gonna jump on reddit to see what the internet has to say about the game, those are the type of posts I usually avoid

I pre-ordered BF4 and it had a terrible launch, I pre-ordered BFH because the beta was good and the change of theme was enjoyable for me, BFH has a very small amount of players, so I loose again, so I am a bit cautious, don’t want to pre-order again just to be disappointed again, BF1 looks amazing, my heart says ‘buy it now’ but not thinking with my heart

I played BF4 for over 2300 hours so I got my moneys worth for sure. I also played Hardline, but for only 70hours so far. I have pre-ordered because I know I will be playing the game for sure and know I will regret it if I won’t be able to play it from day 1. I honestly wouldn’t know what to play if I wouldn’t be playing Battlefield…LOL

Yeah - reddit is to be avoided at all costs when it comes to reviewing a game. People with crappy hardware (PC) tend to be th first to chime in with “this game is busted” type threads.