Banned from Battlefield 1 closed alpha.

Some #battlefield1 alpha footage is starting to hit the internet

Yeah, I watched him get banned LIVE. What an idiot. I got into the Closed Alpha as well and apart from the email you get, there’s no real notice about what you may and may not do. Install went just as a normal Origin (Battlefield) game. When you start the game you have to agree to the terms of the NDA, but that’s basically the same as with any other license agreement…just click accept.

Anyway, that kid was pretty stupid and got his 5 minutes of fame, now he can wake up with regrets.

By the way, the game looks fucking awesome…


No real notice? It says and I quote in the email ‘Do not share or post any information, screenshots, or videos on public forums or social channels’

Yes, I know…but all they see is a big orange bar with a code and a big orange bar at the bottom to claim the code (Don’t know what it says exactly in english, mine is in Dutch :wink: )

They just get excited and click away as soon as possible…LOL

You also get the notice once you install and run the game, so I agree it’s there, but nowadays you get notices and license agreements all the time but no one really reads them. You know it’s true…

Absolutely I know it’s true. I myself have never read a ToS. It’s a shame that when it is a closed alpha or beta you should know by common knowledge that you are not allowed to share any information. But kids are arrogant and don’t realise the consequences, potentially ruining it for us all. :confused:

Yeah, I totally agree, but the Community Managers just can’t screen everyone 100%. There will always be that dick that doesn’t get it…

tru tru

i hope he is banned 4 life

That would be the ideal scenario

Would you be willing to share some screenshots privately?

You can be sure, he will not be invited to any other betas!

I have a YT link of someone playing it

Post away!

I’m not posting here i will privately though

This guy gets banned live while streaming.

EDIT - and pulled from YT

I won’t be answering that question on this public forum…

Well done sir!

Why do these kids even get invites, the purpose of betas is to give feedback not break NDAs. Gets my goat tbh… yes, I’m jealous they got an invite and I didn’t! Humph:mad:

He will not get acces to any more betas/alphas that is for sure

Hopefully you and I get in on the next wave!