Battefield V - Preorder or No


The only reason I am considering pre-ordering Battlefield V is for access to the beta, which should give me a good taste for the game. Any reason NOT to go ahead with pre-ordering based on this logic?


i’ve already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition, because i know that i am going to enjoy this game no matter what. and $60 dollars isn’t exactly the apocalypse


It is $99 for the Digital Deluxe here in Canada land. I dont see any great value in ordering the digital deluxe, other than the early access to the game, which usually amounts to 3-4 days? Am I remembering that correctly?


With the Digital Deluxe you get to play the game 16th October so yeah, its actually 75 dollars for the Digital Deluxe here, i am more than fine with that


YEah - I think I will end up getting that version. Just so I can show off to my buddies that dont have it yet!


i also saw something about “EA Access 11th October”


I just posted about that very thing here


I might when it gets closer to release. Not a fan of shelling out $60+ for a bunch of hype then a few months later its $50 or $40s.