Battlefield 1 - 45 Minutes of Multiplayer Gampelay


Oh man! I gotta set some time aside to watch this

It’s well worth it. I just finished.

Gonna do it tonight when I finish work

I was watched the EA press conference on Sunday night from start to finish (with the EUROs on the TV in the background behind laptop of course)!

My wife was sitting next to me and I’ve been telling her how ‘Hollywood’ gaming events have become these days. Then, they wheel out the likes of Jamie Foxx, Zack Effron, Snoop Dogg etc, etc to play BF1. She was gobsmacked! :smiley:

I’ve been following all of E3 very closely (for work reasons) and as it’s nearing it’s conclusion, it seems Battlefield 1 is certainly amongst the most talked about moments of E3 2016. Along with that trying-hard-to-be-weird-for-the-sake-of-weird Kojima/Reedus “game” Death Stranding and Microsoft basically telling Xbox One owners they wasted their money.

I’m really looking forward to it and this gameplay session did the hype no harm at all, it looks pretty slick! I just pray for dedicated servers on PC.

“Was watched”?? Sorry, still no ‘edit’ buttton (hint at @Timelord_ :P)

They must have spent a small fortune luring the stars to the event. Some of the people you could tell, really didnt care about the event (looking at you Zac Efron), he was just there for the money, and the exposure. While others like Snoop, you could tell was excited to play the game. I think he is one of us.

Yeah, it was good to see some (not all) celebrities having fun in the game, really enjoy watching it

Yeah - it was one of the more entertaining live streams. Thats for sure