Battlefield 1 Alpha Benchmarks

If you are wondering if your PC is going to be able to run the Battlefield 1 alpha, here is a breakdown of how it performed across various configurations.

Helpful, it’s a shame half the community don’t need it :wink:


Sir yes sir.

I think BF1 will be very well optimized that most PC gamers will be able to run it at high settings and enjoy every moment of the game

Yeah - on my aging rig I can play Battlefront without many issues with most things on high. So if things ship as polished as they did on Battlefront, I can holf off on any upgrades for another few years.

Meh. I got money and I really like the motion clarity of 120Hz strobed backlighting. And I can aim about 15x better with a mouse than a stick. Since I have cash and I like to spend it on my PC, it’s never a worry! :smiley: Almost like a fun challenge.

Hmmm! The CPU bottleneck is huge. Look at 1080p Ultra: only 5FPS between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. Looks like that i7-4790K needs an overclock…or maybe 6-core or 8-cores?

Zen should prove to be very interesting. I’m hoping it forces Intel to at least drop prices on the 4c/8t parts. I mean, I’d rather not spend 1 PS4’s worth of cash on a CPU. I’d prefer 0.75 of a PS4, maybe 0.8 of a PS4 if it was really that good.

Well, I use my PC for other stuff - so I kinda need one! hard to post on this forum from a playstation!

Finally! Another PC bretheren!

I want a skylake build so bad, but right now my i5 2500k seems to be cutting the mustard. thinking i may start upgrading parts around the proc. Better CPU, PCIE SSD Powersupply. By that time, I can probably justify the new build.

Hehe, we’re out there, somewhere.

Yup, nearly the same position. Initially, I just wanted to grab 16GB of RAM (from my current 8GB) as I noticed DDR3 was on its way out…but then I saw, 16GB DDR4 was about the same price as 16GB DDR3…so, eh, I sold the CPU/RAM/mobo and I also nearly bought Skylake. But, I’m being patient…I want to see BF1 CPU benchmarking on the Open Beta. I may move from 4c/4t to 4c/8t, as that seems to alleviate some CPU bottlenecks. But, then, 4c/8t is pretty pricey: $349 for the i7-6700K. Yuck.

And, Kaby Lake should be arriving soon. MSI teased a Z270 motherboard in May, so we should be quite close, I think. I just hope we get K-SKU parts sooner rather than later. But, I also want Zen to drop: if it’s actually a very solid 8c part that can OC, I could reasonably jump to AMD. Or, at least, maybe it’ll force Intel to drop the prices on its 4c/8t parts.

And, of course, DX12. That might totally relieve a lot of these CPU bottlenecks. And drivers from NVIDIA/AMD for their GPUs…I’m actually very hyped about the BETA: I can’t play it, haha, as I have no gaming system now…but, it’ll help me narrow down part choices.

Ive been saving to get the gtx 1070, I should have it before BF1 can’t wait to see this game in all its graphical glory :slight_smile:

Thats the problem with PC upgrades, there is ALWAYS something else on the horizon. I am running 14GB DDR3 right now and memory is not an issue for me.

When running Battlefield 4 on high. the CPU hits %95 consistently, so thats the main reason I am looking to upgrade. Do you think it is worth the extra dough to go with a k series processor if you are not planning to do any serious overclocking?

Rocking an iPhone 6 - but I type WAY faster on a desktop. Besides, I need a desktop PC for my real job!

Super pricey part. Does the price difference between the 1060 and the 1070 reflect the performance gains?