Battlefield 1: Announcer Voice?

I personally dislike the voice that announces when you lose an objective or so on, and many other people also feel this way. It kind of takes you out of that time zone and feel of the game

It was pre-alpha the live stream, pretty sure that will change

That will change for sure for launch. That was just a placeholder for the real voice, which I assume will be accented based on the country you are playing

Anyone picked up of instead of saying objective ‘Bravo’ the woman said objective ‘Banana’ made me laugh

Banana? Really? Do you you have a clip of this?

You can hear ‘we have taken objective Apples’ can’t find the Banana one, it’s on the pre-alpha stream during the event tho

I thought the RAF radio code was like that during world war 1 but Wikipedia says this

If you can find either the apple, or banana one, could you post it?

Apples is correct, but i think it’s only if you play British forces. Banana I didn’t notice. I think it was billy or something like that.

Proof or GTFO :wink:

A: Apples

B: Butter

C: Charlie

D: Dove

E: Edward

F: Freddy

Ah lol sorry, it was butter

Still pretty funny. Wonder why that wasnt swapped out for the livestream? that should have been a pretty easy change no?

It was, I thought at one stage they did it that way because of Neebs being a funny guy and adding some humor to the live stream, I can’t think that it can be that hard to change

Actually, Apples, Butter, Charlie, Duff, etc. was the official phonetic alphabet back then.

Here is a list of how it changed over time:

Thanks for this. I had no idea. So, it looks like Battlefield 1 has it right! Thats a good thing