Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Soundtrack


Looks like the soundtrack for the recently released Apocalpyse DLC has just hit Soundcloud. And it is intense.

Paging @roshansuares Next project?

Battlefield V Composed by Hans Zimmer

Thank you for this. I’ve been looking at venturing into the world of cinematics and you appear to have cleared one of many obstacles, the soundtrack.


@BattlefieldMan, I love “The Aftermath” the most. Although I think it would sound better if i did an acoustic cover of it rather than going metal. What do you think?

It would take bit longer though, since i am working on a few others at the moment and also I still do not have the setup to do an acoustic recording. This one surely is in my list now :slight_smile:


Looking forward to see what you can pump out . That first track is sick with the loud BAAARMMMMP. Perfect for that train in Battlefield1 that steam rolls infantry


Heck yeah! I would love to hear acoustic. To me, that is a true sign of a good musician. Cannot hide any mistakes