Battlefield 1 Beta Map

Anyone think the “E” point in the beta map is way too far away? With the slow ass vehicles, it takes forever to get there. Encourages people to take the plane, and ditch it (parachute out).

Spawning on E be like.


Need more team mates like this.


E is meant for the planes to capture, not really for other vehicles or foot soldiers, this is the idea to E, probably to add some dog fights in the sky over E, nice touch I would say, but most people doesn’t understand why E is so far, which I can understand

How do you capture E in a plane. there is no way to hover like we did with choppers in Battlefield 4.

The airspace is enough for you to fly around in circles at E making it possible to capture it, you also don’t have to be super close to the ground, it can be a bit higher compared to BF4

Really, I guess people are much better pilots than me. I have to make huge sweeping turns.

But it is easier said then done, if an enemy plane attacks you, it get tricky to try and cap it, I also think the space of E should be bigger, it’s a bit small atm