Battlefield 1 collected information

Some bits of information collected on one sheet.

Source: [MEDIA=twitter]729388996141395968[/MEDIA]

Without knowing how DICE is gong to make the rock, paper, scissors in BF1; Machine gun and sniping is king. Artillery easily stops tanks. But, with 64 players max, it probably won’t be as big a let down at in WWI. Heck, sand dust clouds stopped tanks in Iraq wars (if you were of knowledge). The sub-maching gun came in way too late in WWI, but the round is desirable still to this day in certain parts of the world, for obvious reasons (PM and I’ll reveal why).

Very interesting! Thanks for posting this. Wonder what is meant by Not D-Day - I would be interested to hear more details about that

I am curious to what semi-auto rifles the medic class will use. There were only a few around at this time, and only really the French used any.

Were you able to dig up any info on this? @Jud96