Battlefield 1 Collectors Edition Statue Looks a lot like Eddy Murphy

God damn. What is it with EA and the look a likes. Is it just me, or does this statue look like Eddy Murphy?

Hahaha, it does too.
I think they’ve made a mistake using this guy as the main character to sell the game, first off not really to do with being black or white, more to do with not evoking anything in me, it really lacks a WW1 feel this character and he’s outfit.
I recon we could have spun a chocolate wheel and come up with a more thought provoking character, in a better outfit, with more purpose, maybe a bit more shock factor, more expression.
Even a guy kitted up in full gas mask ready for hand to hand trench combat with a trench made batton in his hand, I’ve been really unimpressed with this guy in the pics and think using him as the cover art is a big fail compared to what they could have done, just my opinion.

they could choose worser ppl

I agree. Pretty generic model. Just want to hear him laugh to verify it is Eddie!

Laurence from Arabia on a horse would of been a great statue and cover

Also reminds me of Lando Calrissian from SW lol

Oh man! I can kinda see it…