Battlefield 1 Dedicated Servers

Anyone know if we are going to see dedicated servers in Battlefield 1? Scoured the interwebs, but cannot find much

I sincerely hope they won’t go where battlefront went. Although I think battlefront is much more casual gaming focused where most players won’t care about server selection.

They did say that squading up with friends will be improved immensely. You should be able to squad up and stay in that squad while moving from round to round and server to server.

Glad to hear that squadding will be improved. I hope the price of dedicated server slots goes down. Still crazy expensive for BF4 slots (1.29/slot) if I remember correctly.

No dedicated servers would be a disaster. They can’t. They won’t. :mad:

They might!

Then they will watch the PC player count fall as rapidly as SW:BF did.

I just played the four hour free trial of Battlefront this weekend, and it is shocking how quickly the user base has moved on from this game

I haven’t seen the numbers yet…is it that bad?

Right now only 5k people on PC.

40k total, primarily on PS4.

Hardline is even less

Hardline dropped off WAY quick