Battlefield 1 Details Revealed

The official @battlefield account on twitter had a little q/a session today, and here is what we have learned.

[*]Server browser has been confirmed for Battlefield 1

[*]There will be variety of melee weapons; each will have its advantages and disadvantages.

[*]Vehicles in the World War 1 era were much more unique; gameplay reflects this.

[*]Battlefield 1 will have a “cool new campaign that will feel much more like Battlefield”.

[*]You will be able to fly in biplanes with one person as the pilot and the other as a gunny in the back (as seen in the reveal trailer).

[*]Battlefield 1 will feature a variety of new and classic Battlefield game modes.

[*]There will be a wide range of naval vessels available for everyone to enjoy.

[*]The game will Not feature any IRNV/FLIR/NVG type gun scopes.

[*]Attachments in Battlefield 1 will be “era authentic”

[*]Tanks can be controlled by one person, but some require multiple people operating the tank’s guns and movement.


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Thanks for posting. The amount of tweets they were doing all of a sudden, without prior notification, had caused me to turn off their notifications, because the timing wasn’t right for me. So, thanks for summing this up.

I like that it will be authentic. That way the young players become historians as they learn and play the game. This also means, they will not need to spend much time studying that brutal era, [and subsequent ones, I assume]. I hope every country involved will eventually be represented as time goes by with BF1. So, thumbs up for the DICE programmers.

It is really going to be tough for the Batlefield crew to maintain a sense of authenticity and bring in the fun factor that games want/need. Really curious to see how they implement.