Battlefield 1 Details

Game setting - WW1 Game will not be following authentic WW1 history (in terms of weapons) Game will either be called Battlefield 1 or battlefield (year)

Maps: Armiens - ( City within france, most comparable to Siene crossing if you played BF3).

Italian Coast.


Chateau note MASSIVE church in the center of the map.

Mountain Fort (most comparable to Dem. peak from BF3)

as of last contact with source: he does not know of the rest of the maps in development but he/she has not yet seen an infantry only map

Game Modes within the game itself: (also like to note that this will be one of the largest BF games map wise)

Conquest - Game is leaning very towards CQ large

Rush - Massive improvement over BF4’s Rush gamemode/map layout

TDM - TDM will be in the game

Domination - will be in the game

(potential game mode) - Last Squad Standing - operates much like Squad Deathmatch and elimination mixed together ( teams will be able to spawn on any team mate throughout the match until they are squad wiped. eliminating them from contention) this game mode has a good chance of being competitive.

Pigeon Game mode - Game mode that operates like what we saw on BF:HL where you must hold/carry around the objective to capture it which when captured gives a point to your team, then resets.

CQ and Rush mix that’s played on the maps Scar and Amiens. Where one team must capture flags to move up onto the map much like Rush works.

Vehicles/Transportation Horses (war horses) Light tanks - one seaters (will have a self repair function) Heavy tanks - Three seaters. Scout Plane - 1 seater functions as a jet without Pods or heat seekers Bomber Plane - self explanatory. Two seater plane - Gunner sits on the tail of the plane with a mounted gun. Rhib-like boats to reach shores Weapons Heavy prototype weapons Fully automatic weapons much like assault rifles DMRs snipers LMGs Grenades variations are as follow: Impact grenade Incindiary Gas Grenades Hero Gadget (Flame Thrower and Gun Combo)

Classes: Medic Support Assault Recon

Overall game enhancements

Dynamic weather on every map which includes:

Fog Rain Snow along with others