Battlefield 1 Dynamic Weather

Rain or shine. Dynamic Weather showcase from the Closed Alpha:

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What I’ve seen so far is that one weather type is randomly selected at the start of the round and the weather type won’t be changed during the round. Not sure if it will stay that way, but that’s how it was during the Closed Alpha.

Oh really? Wonder how he managed to capture the footage in the clip above? Would be sick if it was like paracel storm where the weather changed during the round. Really noticable during games where the ticket count is really high.

It’s a morph from two separate videos, you can notice that the camera position and angle isn’t exactly the same.

I would love it if it changed during the game and I can imagine they can do it. Maybe they decided to not enable it in the Alpha.

The mist was rather weird though. It went straight through buildings and walls. Inside was just as misty as outside.

Through buildings as in realistic, or it was a bug?

I’m not sure if it was a bug, intentional or that they couldn’t make it clip on walls. It’s just weird when you’re in a building and it’s misty inside…

Not that hard to believe if there are no windows or doors!

I don’t know, it just didn’t feel natural…

The weather system does change during the game? One moment it will be sunshine and the next moment it rains from what I have heard

I played the Closed Alpha, but I haven’t experienced that to be honest.
I got up to rank 41, so I played long enough to have noticed it if it was there…LOL

But I don’t know what will happen in the release.

Guess they have to work on the “atmosphere” of the game a little more before launch

Have you seen any videos/cips of this occuring?

I’m wondering the same thing since I haven’t experienced it myself and haven’t seen a video where it happens without a doubt. (Some videos do insinuate it, but they’re edited so you can’t be sure if it’s real)

If you see something, please post it… I am pretty interested in it

I played a lot of the closed alpha and I can confirm that the weather changes randomly during the match. when i was sniping people from our flag the weather changed, then changed again making it harder to snipe.

Hey @joemike welcome to fhe forum!

So you are a sniper eh? Got any footage of you sniping people?

No I couldn’t capture footage because the ps4 didn’t allow footage capture while playing the alpha, but i had some good kills and lots of fun as sniper.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the alpha. Cant wait for the beta to drop so i can get my greasy little mits on it

I don’t think it was during alpha game play but I think DICE said this will be in the game, probably a replacement for levolution?

What I remember from the Closed Alpha weather system is the following:
[]The were 3 different weather types:
]Sunny with partial clouds (Clouds didn’t move)
[]Rainy with partial clear areas (Some areas the sun came through the clouds and it was dry in those areas, again those were fixed area’s, clouds and rain didn’t move)
]Foggy, where not all area’s were completely fogged up, some were less dense than others. If you went up a hill you could get above the fog, same with the windmills. From the air the ground was not visible, so Air-to-ground combat was non existent.
[]I never experienced the weather changing…not once…the only thing that changed was that in some area’s the weather was a little different than other areas, but those area’s didn’t move.
]The weather type is set at the beginning of the round and like I said before, I never experienced that it changed afterwards.

[*]Fog is my least favourite weather type for Conquest since Air-to-ground combat is nearly non-existent and as such the team that focusses on capturing flags wins by far.

I do think the weather system will be more dynamic in the final game, but I don’t know to what extent. I don’t know if it will alternate through all different weather types, or that one weather type will be set and they might change the parameters of that weather type during the round. We have seen on several BF4 maps that they can definitely change the weather during a game (Paracel Storm & Oman just to name a few) So I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be a common feature on all maps. But again, I haven’t seen it in the Closed Alpha yet. I would also love to see a day night cycle as well.