Battlefield 1 Elite Classes

All soldiers are not equal. Some are powerful. Others belong to the elite. In Battlefield 1 , you can fight with one of the three elite classes, destructive forces, which, once mastered, can change the course of battle.

The first is the flamethrower, which you may have a taste at the first trailer we released. With fireproof equipment and powerful flamethrower, the flamethrower soldier is ready to wreak havoc. Yet it is far from indestructible. Facilities include a gas mask worn permanently, which slows and reduces visibility. Attack him away, and you réchapperez maybe. The distance will not help you against the sentry, who has a thick armor. The sentinel advance like a human tank, equipped with a machine gun cooled by the water it uses to trial. She befall a leaden rain on enemy positions while being able to withstand a lot of damage, but unlike the flamethrower, she can not wear gas masks. You know what you have left to do.

The tank destroyer, meanwhile is a reasonable distance and handles most imposing weapon than most men. This elite class control the Tankgewehr 1918 inordinate weapon that is effective against both the infantry against the enemy vehicles (as long as the tank hunter is lying). Just a shot to destroy caterpillars, machine guns or cannon of an armored vehicle. It is not called the Tankgewehr for nothing. You can try these elite classes yourself right out of the beta of Battlefield 1 on 31 August, where you can get when Battlefield 1, October 21.


Here is the English non google translate version.

Not every soldier is created equally. Some are more powerful. Some are more… Elite. In Battlefield 1, you’re able to battle as one of three Elite Classes, destructive forces that – if played well – can change the course of the battle.

First up is the Flame Trooper, who you might have seen a sneak peek at during the first trailer we released. Wrapped in fire-resistant gear and carrying a powerful flamethrower, the Flame Trooper brings with him chaos. He’s far from indestructible, though. Part of his kit has him permanently affixed with a gas mask, slowing him down and keeping his vision lowered. Attack from afar, and you might escape un-scorched

Distance won’t help you as much when the Sentry, who is strapped with thick armor plating. The Sentry moves like a human tank, equipped with a water-cooled machine gun at his hip. He can shower enemy positions with lead while still being able to withstand a lot of damage, but unlike the Flame Trooper, he can’t wear a gas mask at all. You know what to do about that.

Meanwhile, laying prone at a safe distance away and carrying a weapon taller than most men is the Tank Hunter. This Elite Class has mastered the use of the 1918 Tankgewehr, an absolute beast of a weapon that can lay waste to enemy infantry and vehicles alike (so long as the Tank Hunter is prone). A well-placed shot from this weapon is capable of knocking out a vehicle’s tracks, machine guns, or cannons on armored vehicles. They don’t call it the Tankgewehr for nothing.

You’ll be able to try these Elite Classes for yourself when the Battlefield 1 Open Beta rolls out on August 31, or when you pick upBattlefield 1 on October 21.

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