Battlefield 1 Gamescom Trailer

Looks like we are going to get another official trailer for Battlefield 1 at Gamescom.


My theory is a Campaign Trailer and that’s what we’re all thinking, admit it.

But a feature showcase trailer would be cool too, like a Weapons/Vehicles Showcase, or Gamemode Showcase, etc.

They might show a new map, like the one with the train, AND MY BIGGEST THEORY:

[SIZE=6]They will announce the public beta date at Gamescom.[/SIZE]
[COLOR=rgb(255, 166, 77)][SIZE=3]
But hey, that’s just a theory…[/SIZE]

I am most interested in the release date of the beta, as things have been very quite in terms of reveals since well before the alpha.

As for the trailer, I would love to see one on the campaign…

no, leave MatPat out of this

Randy sure makes awesome trailers…

The only comment I have is that the game itself is pretty far from the brutal feel I got from the trailer. I hope that the rest of the game will be a little more like that brutal vibe I got from the trailer.

Yeah - I agree. The main reveal trailer looked BRUTAL. Poor dude getting his ear drums busted in the tank…

Randy Evans’ trailer skill is what made this game what it is. Without that marketing campaign and those AMAZING trailers I doubt I would be that hyped to be honest. I bet after it became the most liked trailer in history he and his team got a raise. Well deserved.

Wasnt it the top YT video of 2016?

Absolutely, and the most liked video that isn’t a music video.

Well done Battlefield team. Well done.