Battlefield 1 Gun Supressor

Is this a silencer of some sort?

… why? just why? this game does not show you on the mini map when you fire and its an lmg, it doesn’t matter what you do, that thing will make noise anyway.

Plus on further inspection, most of the guns have attachments that make them “Trench”, “Low weight”, “Infantry” and “Factory” Maybe this has to do with how you have set up the weapon. Bayonets make it suited for trench combat, Infantry for better damage, and so on.

Yeah - - good point… To make the gun look cooler?

Where did you see that stuff about the attachments?

Same place as the “Suppressor.” Maybe it means that the Gun is made to suppression of the enemy instead of actually making the character quieter

Like a spray and pray type weapon?

Yeah, more like making the enemy unable to move up, look up or leave cover. Same principle of the suppression effect.

Need a decent squad for that weapon to be effective.

Which works with their idea of making this game extremely team based. Take the range difference between the classes.

Which makes the whole concept of a platoon (which I dont think worked very well in Battlefield 4) super important

seriously, BF 4 just felt like one man against the world half the time.

That is why you have to get in a clan! Much different game