Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode

Do you guys think hardcore mode will be included with Battlefield 1? I mean how mich more hardcore can you get than some dude charging at you with a stick with nails stick in it…

Hardcore in Battlefield 4 is pointless imo, you have 60 health, no minimap and no 3D spotting, which is cool but the 60 health is rather silly. I say this because a recon with a good aim will one shot kill every time, I like to remind myself when thinking of joining a hardcore server, that it’s only a game

But if clans can own their own servers, then I guess there will be a few hardcore servers, but like you mentioned, the dude charging you with a stick and nails is pretty damn hardcore in a cool way!

I think if they add hardcore, the HUD should be almost completely disabled, no crosshair or reticle but 100 health, will make it much more interesting

You say recon with good aim. Not all recon players have good aim. I know for a fact, as I am one of them!

But I hear you. I never play Hardcore, as I find it too frustrating. I spend more time waiting to spawn than I do actually running and shooting.

HC 'til we die at BoB. :wink:

What is BoB? I an only assume it is some sort of acronym?

My BF Platoon and server (as in sig)

AHH! Band of Brothers… I get it now

I really enjoy hardcore. It feels more realistic to me. It takes 6 shots from my M4 to kill someone in HC than 10 in Normal mode. I think they should include it because it adds more realism with the limited HUD and health. Normal mode is more arcade-ish and I think both game modes have their pros and cons and both are enjoyable.

I agree @Jud96 :slight_smile:

BTW that’s how our server is set up @Blackburn - No crosshair, no minimap, very minimal HUD (no ammo/health etc) but 60 health.

I love the “arcade” feel of the game up to a point. However, when I launch an RPG at someones face, and they do not die - I yearn for hardcore mode.

@SkankwOn ah okay, awesome! Where in the world is the server? US or Europe?

Why RPG is not so effective against infantry but can take down a little bird in 1 shot is some sort of Battlefield magic @Timelord_

@SkankwOn is based out of the UK, so I assume the server is over there…

Yep UK server :wink:

Hardcore would go great with operations. Also the comment talking about recons one hitting you in hardcore, yeah cause it doesn’t matter what range, bolt actions will mess you up.

That’s why I don’t really enjoy hardcore in Battlefield @BCRISP one shot kill with a bolt action sniper rifle, don’t get me wrong, I love sniping, but the really awesome hardcore players just go on a killing spree when they running recon, I have done it myself too but didn’t get that satisfaction compared to running recon on a 64 player map (not hardcore) and every shot could be you get the kill or get killed, I like running the M98B X4 scope these days

I understand that, but i never enjoyed players having a ton of health. I like the speed and intensity of playing hardcore. I’ve been playing bf4 with iron sight bolt actions in hardcore for a while, it just is more rewarding.

Yaeah - as long as you can force the other people on the server to run with the same loadout

What do you mean by that? people can use what ever they want. I don’t want to force anyone to use anything.

I once played on a 64 player server (20 people a side, it was starting up) and I disabled the HUD completely… that was super hard but most enjoyable, kept shooting at friendly’s, haha

I hope theres a softcore mode for noobs like me :wink: