Battlefield 1 Helicopters

I for one am going to miss helicopters in a Battlefield game. I am a chopper guru in BF4 - so I guess I will need to become a wizard of the bi-plane.

You guys going to miss the heli’s?

I did enjoy the heli’s from time to time, whether it was trying to shoot it down with a SMAW or flying a little bird under a bridge, eventually crashing it or just flying around the attack heli while the gunner owns the enemy team

But the planes in BF1 looks awesome!

I feel that all these amazing moments you get in bf4, be it doing some crazy jeep stuff kill or pulling a crazy stunt with a jet. won’t be the same in bf1. the vehicle game play just doesn’t look as good as bf4 it seems more infantry focused.

It does look very infantry focused

That being said, gonna try and hit a plane with a tank grenade and (hopefully) taking out the plane and pilot/s

Yes I will and I know @Bazaar is still grieving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I agree, but the “feeling” of flying one of those attach choppers is pretty damn cool in my opinion

My thoughts and prayers are with you @Bazaar

Especially if you could be the gunner of the attack heli and the pilot is really good, that’s always fun, always let me shit myself a little bit when the pilot gets too close to the ground but manages to pull up in time, haha, love it

I saw horsses, so we should be happy we got planes

Yeah - if you get a good combo in the heli, they are damn near unstoppable.

LOL! true, very true