Battlefield 1 Hell Fighter Pack DLC details

Kudos to @Dakota_Pressy for grabbing this.

Welcome bud! You already know ima get that 1911 haha

It does look like a bad ass piece

Here are the details.

Red Baron Pack:

[*]Vehicle: Red Baron’s Triplane

[*]Sidearm: Red Baron’s P08

[*]Emblem: Red Baron’s Flyer Pin

Lawrence of Arabia Pack:

[*]Horse: Lawrence of Arabia’s Black Stallion

[*]Weapon: Lawrence of Arabia’s SMLE

[*]Melee: Lawrence of Arabia’s Jambiya

[*]Emblem: Lawrence of Arabia’s Emblem

Harlem Hellfighter Pack:

[*]Weapon: Hellfighter Trench Shotgun

[*]Sidearm: Hellfighter M1911

[*]Melee: Hellfighter Bolo Knife

[*]Emblem: Hellfighter Insignia


That’s as good as it gets for trench warfare; 1911 handgun, Winchester 12 gauge pump shotgun and a big knife. It was a sign the “doughboys” had arrived. Doughboy was a term the Brits gave to the U.S. troops, because they were not in the theater of war since 1914, but rather since 1917. If they should be called doughboys, for any reason, it should be because they were of wealth in technology, men, food and other $upplies; hence, “moneyboys” instead of “softboys”.

I love you my good sir.