Battlefield 1 Open Beta

BF:Hardline released their open beta during E3, do you think we will see the same for Battlefield 1?

I sure hope so! Would be awesome!

We will know in a matter of days!

I think it’s more likely to be in late September, but can only hope.

Really, you think it is going to be that late? With the release just a couple of weeks later, really doesnt give them any time to fix stuff. I would say late August at the latest…

Depends if it’s a proper beta or a ‘demo’ :wink:

It has to be a beta. With the disaster of a launch that was Battlefield 4, they need to have it right this time around

That’s a good point, in that case it should be earlier, the SW:BF ‘beta’ was definitely a demo.

Yeah 0 SW:BW did launch with a lot of polish. Too bad the gameplay itself wasnt very entertaining…