Battlefield 1 Preorder

So, as it stands right now (90 minutes before the offical reveal), given what we know. Are you going to preorder Battlefield 1?

Most likely the Premium Edition, maybe normal, maybe not at all. Guess we’ll find out!

For me it is going to depend on pricing, and what kinda DLC’s they are

100% as always .full premium

It’s already on Origin for PC as the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition for £64:99. £49.99 for Standard.
Ouch though.

I’ll get it for sure.

pre ordering this far away can only go wrong.
it happed to me once. So, i’m not gonna preoder

Damn, the prices of games are through the roof lately.

Preordering is not really much of an issue I suppose. I preordered the Deluxe version on PSStore but I can cancel anytime I want before the release. I didn’t even have to pay yet, so there’s no real downside.

You could pre-order without paying? How does that work?

I just preordered in Playstation Store, they just required that I enabled automatic refilling of my wallet on PSStore, but that was already enabled for me.

It basically means that they will not charge me for the preorder until a couple of days before the release. I can cancel with the press of a button any time I like up till the release.

I don’t know how it works for other shops/platforms.

Thats pretty sweet. On PC it is instacharge. You pre-order, the funds are taken right away


Yeah - and then try to get your money back is a hassle if you want to cancel. At least that is my past experience.

I actually did quite well out of pre-ordering BF4. I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe edition for PC via Origin but when I saw the boxed version on Amazon, for a lot less £’s, I cancelled my Origin pre-order and got a refund.
Well, on BF4 release date I got my game from Amazon, but when I logged into Origin to set it up, I realised the game was already downloading! Yep, EA messed up and I ended up with 2 x BF4s for the price of one. I got nearly full price back selling the boxed version on eBay straight away.

Thanks EA, (<-- something you don’t read often).

So does Amazon ship you the game “early” so it arrives on your doorstep on launch? I have always been leary of ordering like that in the fear that the game doesnt arrive on time.

I came launch day IIRC, so was only a few hours behind some of my mates. AFAIK some Prime members can get big games delivered in time for launches, (DOOM this week, for example).

Dont think I would take the risk. Digital is king, and can never be sold out