Battlefield 1 Reveal June 12th Livestream

This is the official thread for this Sundays livestream of the new Battlefield 1 Trailer

I’m so excited to watch Neebs!!! :smiley:

Just heard that some people from Roosterteeth are involved now. Makes me even more excited.

I just want some legit gameplay footage!

They got the biggest Battlefield comedians in line for the teams, all we can pray for is a moment of “legit” footage! :smiley:

I cant freaking wait

I never sat and watched a count down of an hour before! Hypnotised & so excited

Seems to be going very, very slowly.

Here we go

From what I’m hearing we have some good in game footage coming and it’s going to be sweet

Oh yeah? Got a source?

Just what I’m hearing from those who went to games con and via YouTube that’s all

Fair enough. We will know shortly

OMG that trailer!