Battlefield 1 Screenshots


I was chatting with this guy TonyOnPC on twitter, and he shared some of his screenshots that he has taken from within Battlefield 1. They are stunning. I got his permission to post them here.
For his full work, check his Flickr page.



Some views of Amiens.


@ArmleyGeddon those are spectacular. Love the second one with the searchlights. Now if only we could do something about the “X Options” in the bottom right.


@ArmleyGeddon You like Armiens eh? Checkthis thread about the cathedral, and what it looked like in real life.


The ‘X Options’ issue has been solved. No more image cropping. And thank you


Saw your twitter post yesterday, it’s an amazing work of art and design


Something to add to the old bucket list.

Visit IRL sites that I have mapped over in my mind thanks to #Battlefield-1


Some snaps from the Apocalypse DLC



OHH! Man, these are awesome! Are they from the Apocalypse DLC? Love this one the best

A rainy old bench, with a war all around.


This would be sick if you could add some HDR type edits to it. Not sure if it is possible.


Yup, its from an Apocalypse Cinematic im working on :wink: I’d show you a little teaser but i cant send clips here :stuck_out_tongue:


Small giphy preview?



I’m pretty new to photoshop but I’ve watched some tutorials and found HDR Toning is the easiest & quickest way of doing it. Here’s the initial result…

I’ll keep researching and see which process produces the best results.


@ArmleyGeddon that HDR pic is fricking fantastic! You have big things ahead of you. Got any more that you have given the HDR treatment to?


Hi! I just played some Battlefield 1 Apocalypse. Here are some screenshots!
Also notice some changes in the lay-out:


This one looks super hellish to me!


As requested @BattlefieldMan more ‘HDR treated’ images