Battlefield 1 Single Player Details Leaked by ESRB


Does anyone think if it’s possible that the message runner we could play as in the campaign will be young Adolf Hitler? After all, he did actually served as a regimental message runner when he was a Lance Corporal.

With the First World War not really being one where the sides of good and evil were clear, the game just might allow you to play as a soldier for the Central Powers in the single-player.

By the way, that last line in the ESRB Rating Summary sounds like Gallipoli, especially if there will be that particular English word spoken.

I highly doubt they would allow you to play as Hitler himself. However, it is certainly possible that he could appear briefly in a sort of ‘cameo’ as some Corporal during one of the missions.Much like T.E. Lawrence, we could see some notable figures in the game including some major WW2 generals during their service in the Great War. Both Patton and Montgomery had interesting experiences in this time.

Hitler? No way they would go for that. Would be way too controversial for EA/DICE

It’s only Nazi symbolism that is banned in Germany, so depictions of that man during his military career in the First World War should be fine.

Real controversy would be having an Armenian Genocide single-player level where one gets to play as an Ottoman Empire soldier in a campaign chapter akin to “No Russian” from “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. That would most definitely force the game to be banned in Turkey, which DICE certainly would not want with how successful the Open Beta had been with Turkish game streamers due to having the Ottoman Empire as a faction.

I still remember playing that COD level in the airport… Obviously that is before I saw the light and began playing the Battlefield series like a boss