Battlefield 1 single player no HUD and in 4K

So I made a video about Battlefield 1, recorded it using DXtory and X264 codec (recently changed from Lagarith, it took too much space on my HDD) and it is the first mission of the game (probably my favorite mission in the single player), I know its a bit long, settings is set to ultra but I did disable the HUD and I don’t talk much (for viewing pleasure reasons) best single player I have ever played in a Battlefield game, multiplayer is also awesome, the beta gave us only a small taste of what we could expect from the game, but it’s better, faster (Hardline feels slow compared to BF1) it’s beautiful, in game sound is like Swiss chocolate and it’s 60HZ servers, music to my ears, 11/10 would do it again (in my opinion)

Looks good man. What are you running for a video card?

Thanks :slight_smile:

A GTX980Ti but apparently a GTX1060 is recommended for Battlefield 1 XD

I a still rocking a 760GT! So you are well ahead of me!@