Battlefield 1 Soldier Image

Wonder what class this is…

Looks like either Scout or Recon…


Yeah - I think scout/recon due to the scope… Is it a woman?

Hmm. The posture does sort of point towards a woman.

Here is the expanded version!

Nice mate. Where did you find that>

Twitter :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thanks for posting

No problem! I’ll stay tuned with everything!

I watched the Battlefield Squads gameplay - That character is a sniper(or “Recon”).

Not sure who he is meant to be but the rifle is a German 13mm Mauser AT Rifle.

The anti tank rifle, I badly want to play with that rifle in game! Do you think if you hit a inf in BF1 in the head, the head would explode? XD

Very interesting to see just how much damage that thing can do to a tank. Or a person?