Battlefield 1 Stats

Lots of players taking advantage of the beta.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.51.13 PM.png


Hope it’s this way after 1 year

Me too. Hardline started out strong also.

It did, but we got exactly what we asked for, a world war themed game, I think it will last for a couple of years, really enjoying the idea of no lock on weapons, also did you know if your planes tail wing is damaged, it makes it harder to steer, realized this last night

Aha! I wondered what was going on. I got some minor damage to the fighter last night, and I could barely keep it flying straight.

It almost made me crash @Timelord_ haha, I use to hate flying in a jet, but I love flying in BF1, not that I am any benefit to the team, I just fly around and try to shoot at some planes, was able to kill one enemy plane