Battlefield 1 theme - Metal cover


A cover of Battlefield 1 theme song, had a good time covering this song.

Here it is @TimeGuy @BattlefieldMan @AppleGuy, on your request :slight_smile: Iโ€™m glad you guys wanted to listen more from me. I hope you guys enjoy this one, had a lot of fun having my take on the tune :slight_smile:

Battlefield 1942 theme - Metal cover

Excellent work man! I put this on in the background while I was doing something else, and found myself rocking out to it.

Next request, completely unrelated to the Battlefield series, is the Pirates of The Caribbean theme song.


@AppleGuy , thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed my take on the piece.

Regarding Pirates of the Caribbean, yeah thatโ€™s already in my list, including some themes from tv shows and other movies too. :slight_smile: I may start working on it soon. Currently working on the theme from Crysis 2, (In case you enjoy Crysis) will be up in a few days.

Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates, that support would mean a ton to me. (Check out some of the covers I did recently, you may come enjoy them too)


Will sub when I get home. Currently on the road. I cannot wait to hear your Pirates cover.