Battlefield 1 Trailer recreated in Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope (WWI) Mod!

Never was much for Forgotten Hope, but this was well done!


Did yall ever play Forgotten Hope?

Cool trailer, but never did play Forgottten Hope.

I haven’t played the 1942 version…but Forgotten Hope 2 - that was a good game. (BF2 mod)

Nice!!! LoL

There was another really cool mod for ( I think Battlefield 2) called Desert Combat. Ever check that out?

EDIT: It was for 1942

OMG yes, such a great game. Desert Combat was literally the inception of BF2! So many people were playing this even after Vietnam was released, DICE had to check back and be like…WTH??? lol --The power of the modding community.

Ho! That was amazing!! (Really retro, never played that game)

I tried out Desert Combat a bit, it was fun but not many of my mates played it, and I tried Project Reality too but not Forgotten Hope.

Project Reality is great, and is still going strong!

LOL! Glad that I am not the only one that dumped a pile of time into playing an unoffical mod. It was very well done. I remember hearing something about the developers of the mod getting hired by EA/DICE to help out with some other games in the Battlefield series.