Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield 1942

How far we have come!

The difference being with the slower planes in BF1, the developers have a zoomed in point of view making it seem faster on screen. A 1 to 1 ratio, in my opinion, would make it realistic, but as I mentioned in a thread I created, modern technology would have to be increased and the size of screen would need to be measured in feet, not inches. lol

I don’t recall planes attacking ships in WWI. What would they have been able to do with a handgun, and later with a timed machine gun shooting through the propeller? Hand dropping a bomb over a ship would be near to impossible.

First video is a trailer for a ww2 game (battlefield 1942 maybe?)
So it’s more about the difference in cinematic quality and fidelity.
At least I think that’s what he meant to say…

But I hope they speed things up a little more compared to WW1, because everything was really slow during those days.

I’m pretty sure DICE will make this game a lot more face paced like BF4 or SWBF.
On the other hand, they did mention this game will be a lot more about close quarters combat.

“Face paced” is a good word to describe it. That’s the only way they can make it fast paced and keep the same clock speed as real life, is by reducing the field of view. Those planes were slow, slow, slow compared to jets several decades later. And the tanks… hahaha, a person could run faster! They were a walking target for artillery! Players will learn the rock, paper, scissors soon enough.

The only way to have the same experience online is for more players to play and lob as much lead as they did in WWI. Serbia fired 6 million bullets in the first day or two of battle, mainly with water cooled machine guns that never overheated. That was John Moses Browning’s machine gun invention after the U.S. military gave him a scenario to conquer the machine gun from overheating with a long, long, long belt of bullets (>2minutes of full auto firing from one bullet belt).