Battlefield 1 Weapons Trailer Analysis and Breakdown

This is a very well done video.

Nice vid.
I hope the use of machine guns in this game is done true to history.
In 1914 it was the germans who had the first machine guns, they took a crew of 4 and were as heavy as a man to carry, 60kg+
In 1915 the Germans started making some similar to the ones we see in this vid that are water cooled and a bit smaller, as in they had almost like an outer barrel around the barrel that help water, even with the water you could still only have around 2 minutes of fire before a water change was needed, they often used to piss in them iff desperate with no water.
Out of memory it wasn’t till 1917 that they made machine guns for one soldier/solo.
The Poms rejected machine guns in their wisdom at the start of the war, they saw them as a novelty, they were forced to start using them when the germans were mowing through them with them.
In the first few years of WW1 nobody was running around carrying small machine guns, early 1918 was the start of solo machine guns on a large scale as far as I’m aware.
I hope battlefield1 takes that into account.

Would love to see some water cooled machine guns…

I love that this game is causing people to step back and learn about things that happened over 100 years ago. Even tough it is a game, there are some things that make people curious enough to go out and research.

@Anzac sounds like you have an overall general interest in history?

I think what they should do is (it might not work at all) if you have this heavy machine gun equipped, your movement is much slower compared to a assault load out or field medic, but you can take more damage to balance it a bit

yeah - those HMG are just as advertised. Heavy - so I would expect the speed of the unit to be drastically slowed.

Would be really cool, this heavy machine gun dude sounding like clunks of metal when he is running

Agree mate, the history of war is so interesting and when playing historical based games i find myself getting into them more that futuristic stuff and yes i love ww1 and ww11 history, all war history, i collect a bit of genuine memorabilia, medals, daggers, a lot of German, Australian and Brittish items.
Im not expecting the game to be overly historically correct but its going to be awesome seeing so many things i know about in a game and getting to use them, really looking forward to it.
Are you interested in history or war history, where are you from?