Battlefield 1942 theme - Metal cover


This soundtrack brings back all the memories of the countless hours spent playing Battlefield. Hope you guys enjoy this cover, do give a thumbs up if you do. Do check out some other covers on the channel too, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


This was very well done. It definitely does have that Battlefield 1942 feeling, that’s for sure.

Does this guy have anymore like this?


Not sure - why dont we ask him. @roshansuares You there?


Thanks, I’m glad you liked it @TimeGuy

I’ve just started doing covers on YouTube a few weeks ago, and I don’t have that many. I intend to do more in coming weeks. If you wish to show some support, do subscribe to my channel and give me some suggestions on what covers you’d like to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:


@roshansuares we would love to hear some of the creepy over tones of #Battlefield-1 redone.

Challenge accepted?


Sure thing. I wanted to do the ‘Battlefield one’ first, but then that didn’t feel right and i had to do 1942. Can’t tell you how many hours were spent playing 1942 and battlefield 2.

I’ll definitely get on this asap, I love the new soundtracks too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to the next track! Make sure you debut it here when it drops/


Any chance you have an ETA? Sorry - no idea how long it takes to put one of these together.


@BattlefieldMan Which one out of the three would you prefer first? It would take some time to get all three done, I can however get one of them done in about a weeks time.


How about a surprise as we want it noW!!! Artists choice.


Hey - no pressure @roshansuares how are things coming along?


@AppleGuy It’s going good, I’ve started working on it. should be done in a couple of days :slight_smile:


Oh hell yeah! We are gonna be rocking out on Saturday… But no pressure…

Well . There is pressure.


Thanks for the update! I cannot wait to hear what you have put together for the live reveal!



The cover is ready…almost. I can’t wait for you guys to give it a listen, hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did recording it. :slight_smile:

Just have to put together the video and some final editing bits, it’ll be here today.


Hate to be that guy. But this post is three days old! Where are the goods man? lol!


I have posted it right here in the forum, I’ve tagged you guys too. I thought you get notified if you’re tagged. I should’ve posted the link on this thread too, my bad.

The goods are right here on the below thread :smiley:


Excellent work man! Cannot wait to hear the acoustic flavour!


I think I got a semi when thinking about an acoustical c version!!


Lol. Hope I’ll be able to get the required setup for acoustic recording soon, this would be my first acoustic cover for sure.