Battlefield 2018 = Battlefield Bad Company 3


Forgive the super click bait title, but it is something we need to consider.

Only reason I am considering this, is that he is followed by the official Battlefield account, and he is listed as DICE.


I for one would not be opposed to seeing the next Battlefield game be Battlefield Bad Company 3. bad company 2 was a game that I have logged an embarrassing amount of hours on.


New to the forums… I really loved Bad Company story and BC2 multiplayer. BC2 story got too serious for me. Would love to see Sweetwater, Haggard and the gang back.


Hopefully they haven’t gotten too old while we were away.

Also, welcome to the Battlefield forum!


Thanks! Good point and wishful thinking on my side maybe. Cant wait to see whats next.


Rmours are swirling that it is now going to be Battlefield 1945.

Obviously still called Battlefield V, but the focus would be on Battles in 1945