Battlefield 2018 to be set in WWII


So - time to fire up the rumour mill. Looks like we are going back to the beaches of Normandy. Here is what we know.

Peter Olofsson Hermanrud, the former DICE employee, now at Bungie, had posted his portfolio on ArtStation, which showcased a lot of his artworks and designs. And among those weapon designs, he had uploaded was a weapon named PPS-41. This weapon was nowhere to be seen in Battlefield 1, and neither has to be during WW1. However, this weapon was used during the WW2.

This information is solid and provides somewhat evidence that the upcoming Battlefield game is set during WW2 and might be a direct sequel to 2016’s Battlefield 1. There has been no official announcement yet for EA, but an announcement is expected soon. Check out the artwork of PPS-41 below (as shared by Peter Olofsson).

Below are the images.


Interesting. This seems like the most “concrete” evidence so far of where things are headed. And when I say concrete, I mean liquid goop.


You say liquid goop, I say quicksand.

Granted that this is not hard evidence, it IS something. Kinda quite out there in rumour land


Thank the lord. I was hoping that they would do something foolish, and try Vietnam or something along those lines.


When do you think we are going to get something official regarding #Battlefield2018 from our friends over at Dice/EA? Late summer?


Well, with #Battlefield-1 they did a great job of keeping it under wraps until right before some conference, when things started to leak. I guess at one of the main conferences (gamescom).

2018 Gamescom will begin on
Tuesday, August 21
and ends on
Saturday, August 25


That is also where I would put my money. If I remember correctly, it was around gamescom when rumours started to swirl about #battlefield1


Looks like the reveal will be at EA Play, however probably not playable. Probably more details will be revaled at GamesCom


We will get the full trailer at EA Play, but I bet there is going to be a battlfield2018 teaser before then


That is a guarantee. They have to throw us a bone, given that the internet is rampant with all of these leaks.


What makes you think we will see anything before EA Play?


EA will turn up the hype machine some time in may. Perhaps an announcement about the announcement of a trailer? Sounds about right.