Battlefield 2143 Teaser

So, here is something that is kinda interesting.

[GALLERY=media, 94]Battlefield 2143 Teaser by Timelord_ posted Dec 17, 2015 at 7:13 PM[/GALLERY]

Here is a little easter egg from Battlefield 3 End Game maps. What do you think? Did development start on 2143 and get abandoned, or has it been a worki in progress all this time?

Looks like (according to @shadawoop) on twitter, the next Battlefield game has been confirmed to a military style game. Not sure if that totally disqualifies BF 1943, as that is military, just kinda futuristic.

WW1 ? Really I hope they stay modern but no poxy yet packs etc

@Skipperdog I would love to see them go back to WWII. Go back to 1942 where it all started

So, with all the rumours of Battlefield 1917 ™, what is the deal with the video above?

Apparently it was found on one of the levels in Battlefield 3.

I wonder if they have fixed a little bug / glitch I found?

It’s not on every game .