Battlefield 4 - End Of Life

When do you guys think we will see EA pull the plug on Battlefield 4? I know that they have stopped active development so what I mean is, when will they turn off the servers, pull the game from store “shelves”.

Here is my prediction. Hardline will be pulled before Battlefield 4

I predect that Battlefield Hardline will be shut down on December 31st 2017. At least a full year before Battlefield 4.

I would agree with that prediction @admin ,when do you think Battlefield 4 will be shutdown? Another year after Hardline?

Battlefield 3 is already 5 years and no plans to end, Battlefield 4 will definitely end in 2025!

2025… 9 more years? Damn! That is some optimism right there,

I believe so, Battlefield 4 is a great game, hardly any competitor developer had launched a similar game so soon! While this does not occur BF4 will live and DICE will not leave this incredible game so easily!

[FONT=Times New Roman]Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Brazil![/FONT]

Your English is fine mate. Nothing to worry about.

You are right, that Battlefield is a great game, however if BF5 is a success, resources have to shift. They didnt in the case of Hardline, as it essentially failed, so more resources (developers) were moved onto other projects.

So true

Hard not to be correct about that. The stats for Hardline are abysmal.

Despite the well documented, sheer awful launch, I think BF4 has developed into a great game. Not sure why they even put the word ‘Battlefield’ in with Hardline, I played the beta and just thought “nope, cops’n’robbers is not for me”.

I think I was one of the very few people that had a relativly stable Battlefield 4 launch, however it was not without issues. I hope that EA/DICE put appropriate resources behind getting the game out the door in a playable format.