Battlefield 4 what is your favorite guns ?

My favorite gun in battlefield 4 is THE M60 LMG

I can’t stick with one weapon, got tired of the support class so I play mostly assault or recon, if there is a vehicle that is in the way I go for the engineer

My current load out is
Assault: M416
Engineer: ACW-R
Support: RPK74
Recon: SV98

Secondary personal favor is between the Deagle and the M1911 atm

Nice loadout and classic pistols :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: I like to play all classes, really depends the type of game and what map it is

Hey do you want to play sometime here is my username: sulaiman24 on psn aka ps4

Sorry mate, I am only on PC

Ok no problem bro

We do have some PS4 players here. Might be nice to get a thread together for peoples XboX/PS4/Origin soldier names if they want to hook up, and get @Timelord_ to sticky it.

Nice thanks bro :slight_smile:

Great idea! I am already part of a clan, are we allowed to post our clan details if anyone is interested to join?

Yeah of course you can bro :slight_smile:

MAO60 or bust

Nice :slight_smile:

i usually like to run a russian loadout for most classes with the exception of recon

Assault: aek 971
Engineer: as val
Support: PKP pecheneg
Recon: m98
my favorite pistol is the mp443 grach

i like using the aku-12 as a substitute for the as val in longer ranged maps

Me too mate. Love that aku-12

If I am remembering that gun correctly, it is an automatic, spray and pray gun?

no its more of an accuracy gun. slower rate of fire and low recoil

its wonderful isnt it?

Hrmm… You have a pic of the gun? I cannot picture it in my head…