Battlefield 5 Battlefield 1 Release Date Confirmed

Here we go!

Tanks, Planes, trench, horses, swords, shovels, melee combat, explosions. I cant wait for beta!!!

Cant wait to see this

Beta testing is next month- June… That’s probably as far as I’ll go to burn this rig. I don’t think it will matter what the actual capability of the weapons and warfare understanding were in WWI, since the release of BF1 is a hodge podge of young gamer excitement. I am truly fortunate to have interacted with those that fought in WWI, when I was young, and learned from those that fought. Melee was not a choice in tactics, it was a last resort when you were out of ammo. Types of melee weapons were limited because of laws governing war; for instance, you were not allowed to make your bayonet into a saw that would rip plenty of flesh for more bleeding surfaces. Local neighbour’s grandfather didn’t care, since he lent his illegal WWI bayonet to his grandchild to take to school for “Show and Tell”. That’s right, we saw a real WWI illegal bayonet that might have killed who knows how many in the trenches.

I think this will be intense

Whilst I was excited by the trailer and can’t wait to play the beta, I am mourning the loss of my beloved helicopters! :frowning:

On a slight side note - I loved that dubstep version of White Stripes - Seven Nation Army. (Just found it on YT, lol at all the BF comments) :smiley:

The RIP COD trending hashtags are hilarious! Also. The dislikes on their youtube trailer!!! :eek:

has a beta date been announced?

Blimps are better than helicopters.

haha, blimps are better if they stayed on their own side and acted as a hill overlooking the battlefields.

Yeah - not sure how they are going to fit in on THIS battlefield where players want war. Perhaps the commander will be in the zeppelin?

Perhaps their maps of enemy concentration and installation will not be made available, unless they get their blimp recon in the air for intel gathering to distribute to the players on the ground when requested. I’d opt for quick plane recon, but its difficult to draw and fly as opposed to the blimp, lol.

Are you sure or are you joking

Almost certain

Lol, that was just a joke. A poor one I guess!

I’m going to miss the scout helicopter… :frowning:

Yeah - that is hella fun

I only just learned to fly the damn thing…

Time to learn all over again!