Battlefield 5 Footage

Some Battlefield5 footage just dropped. Granted it is not a lot!

[GALLERY=media, 187]Battlefield_Video by Timelord_ posted May 5, 2016 at 1:36 PM[/GALLERY]


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[GALLERY=media, 187]Battlefield_Video by Timelord_ posted May 5, 2016 at 1:36 PM[/GALLERY]

Interesting little clip that, the visual suggests a step back in time and the audio suggests a jump forward in time.
The shadow that comes over him? To slow to be a jet, some say a Titan but it could possibly be a German Airship or a million other things. Is it tomorrow yet??

I was thinking it was a bomber of some sort…

shadow is moving to slow, he is looking at a titan

Or with a complete twist, an alien mothership… One thing that’s certain is it’s gotten attention of the community and the hype train has stepped up a gear!

it would be crazy if it was both WWII and 2143 in one game

Give me this game. NOW!

HAHAHA, nice guessing, guys. The uniform is a British colour from the Great War (WWI). It was unintentionally the first modern camo. The shadow could be a blimp, but I doubt it, but more realistically guessing, it could be a prop plane that hand-dropped lanterns for artillery to target at night. What an experience it was learning about it for the first time, and the enemy soldiers first reaction to it, “thanks for the free lighting!” Moments later… KABOOM!

On a side note: for those that want a very big HD or 4K monitor check out this industrial projector site:

Upon second watching that might be an olive coloured uniform rather than brown. Night time biased the lighting, perhaps?

But the soldier’s popped collar could be deceiving, as well.

Wow - the more I think about it, the more I think you might be onto something.

Were the WWI leaks way back when actually legit

Popped collars. 90’s douchebag move

The coat looks like the M-1941 Jacket from WW2, and the dirt on his face looks like he was in trenches (like in WW1 and a little bit in WW2) but the slow shadow can be a titan/a zeplin/a B-17 Bomber, but i think its WW2 simply because of the jacket and the dirt and the fire in the background, that could be a B-17 bombing the area maybe. The more you think about it, the more it gets complicated, and the music sounds a bit futuristic, im really confused, they really did melt our minds with this one, there are clues from every era possible

This game is not going to be tied to a single point in time. There will be World War Stuff, AND some future stuff

No offense to any of the game makers, but, If it has future stuff in it, then I will not be part of its experience.

It is kinda looking like it will e primarily based in WWI, with some future stuff in it